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Somatic Embryogenesis in Interior Spruce: Successful Implementation within Forest Regeneration Programs
Steven C. Grossnickle, B.C.S. Sutton, D. Cyr, S. Fan and D. Polonenko
1996: Salem, OR
Somatic embryogenesis is a tissue culture method that has been successfully implemented for the asexual propagation of interior spruce (Picea glauca (Moench) Voss x Picea engelmannii Parry). Essentially an unlimited number of proembryos can be developed; each proembryo is a clone of the original explant. Proembryos then proceed through more advanced stages of embryogenesis, resulting in the formation of cotyledonary embryos, which are similar to their zygotic counterparts. Somatic embryos are germinated in containers to produce plants which resemble young seedlings. Subsequently, they are transferred to styrofoam blocks and acclimatized to ex vitro conditions in the nursery.

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